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    CUrious if anyone has bought this case and if it's good to take pictures through. I go kayaking and would love to have my Pre to take pictures but am afraid of getting it wet. How well does this work... anyone know?

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    uhm, link &/or pic please.
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    thanks, I was mostly curious what it looked like.
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    Looks dumb. How can you talk if there is not holes for mic/speaker. Waterproof Bluetooth? Looks bulky too. I wish someone would make a sleek waterproof case (all clear) for the Pre. Kind of like a custom fitting sandwich bag (with glass lens for camera). The slider and mic/speaker would obviously not work but touchscreen would (finally a use for onscreen keyboard). A two piece hard plastic piece with rubber seal might also work.

    EDIT: Sandwich bag happens to work I suggest vacuum sealing. I don't own the machine but unless it exerts a lot of heat or pressure I don't see why it would not work. for a clean look. Touchstone also works.
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    i ride a motorcycle and zip-lock bags are AWESOME. seriously, i have gone through some really rough weather and no problems with any of the phones.

    also, figured out on a tube-n trip that if you use a straw and fill the ziplock bag with air, it floats lol
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    plus if the situation calls for it, you could always double bag
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