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    So the higher ups issued a memorandum recently telling the field service out here on the west coast using palm pres that we would be issued a Mugen 3800mAh battery to be used while in the field. Mugen Power Extended Capacity Battery 3800mAh for Palm Pre / Plus / GSM: Cell…

    I received it in the mail Friday and immediately decided that I would never use the thing. It makes the phone nearly 2 inches thick... and adds 4 ounces to the weight. After surprise visit from my field manager Friday afternoon, and a very stern command I began the process of charging the beast.

    I will assert, when home and not traveling, I will stick with my 1350mAh seido and the touchstone back.

    Yesterday was my first day using the battery... so, I decided to abuse it... harshly.

    1) I turned my screen brightness up to 50%...
    2) left IM connected all day long and used it for short periods...
    3) Made 5 phone calls 4 of which lasted about 20 minutes, 1 lasted an hour and a half
    4) Listened to Pandora for nearly 6 hours straight while working on an instrument (3G, NOT wifi)
    5) sent 47 txt messages
    6) set my emails to poll the servers as frequently as possible
    7) sent 32 emails of varying lengths, many including picture attachments of machines
    8) sat in my hotel room for an hour watching sprint tv
    9) Used Sprint Navigation to drive ~45min both ways to the job site and back to the hotel

    I went to bed at midnight without plugging my phone in, it was at 14%... when I woke up at 7 it was at 10%...

    Made several phone calls this morning without charging, a few text messages, im, emails and such... finally plugged it in at noon at 6% battery.

    It took 6 hours to get a full charge on the standard palm wall charger.

    Verdict... the thing is an absolute beast. It feels like a brick in my pocket... but it actually doesnt feel that bad in my hand when typing on the keyboard... the cover doesnt affect the camera any at all... the weight becomes nearly unbearable holding it up to my ear for an hour and a half... I did not observe any creaking while typing or sliding the phone open... heat buildup did not seem much different from any other battery Ive used over time with the pre... I have it overclock with uberkernel at screenstate 250/800 and even running pandora for 6 hours straight the temperature never went above 45.

    I can very well see carrying this battery during a camping trip, or geocaching etc... as a daily user, no way. The weight alone is just absolutely terrible... but under normal usage I can see this battery lasting a couple days without being charged.

    When I get home and have access to another camera I will update this post with pictures of the real battery, and installed in the phone.
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    Thanks for the good review. That is incredible battery life. My Pre with it's standard battery wouldn't have even made it thru noon with that kind of load.

    Probably not a good fit for personal use, but a good idea for business users for sure.
    Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing.
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    -- VZW Pre+ -- Uberk/Gov fixed @ 1ghz -- QPST gps mod -- stock battery (?mugen 3800?) --
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    where do you work that they issued Palm Pre's?

    lucky for me, I can wait until they figure out how to stick that capacity in half the size =) I can't lose my touchstone!
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    The Seidio 2600 mAH battery is a pretty good compromise. Seidio doesn't make a 3800 mAH battery, but the 2600 is pretty stylish and adds heft without bulk or added weight, feels great in the pocket or hand and can be thrown at attackers with ease. The only true down side is that no cases will fit it, other than Seidio's flimsy cases... truly sad.

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