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    Its also interchangeable with Seidio's 2600mah extended battery. I've had the Seidio for a long time now but rarely used it since it made my phone look like an old CRT television monitor. I've also tried the ebay 1800's in hopes that I could find a middle ground in door sizes but it turned out to be the same width. Not only was it boxy and ugly but the cutout for the camera was too small. I even dremmeled it to make it larger but there would still be a shadow around the image. Because of these fuglyness of these doors I have just stuck with the stock battery and its short battery life. I always liked the extra girth that the exteded battery offered though so I bit the bullet and bought an Amzer battery door off ebay recently. I must say that I really like it, the finish is identical and the lines of it match nicely with the Pre's curves. Even the profile is still fairly low on it. So if anybody has a Seidio 2600 laying around that they've been hiding due to embarrassment give the Amzer door a try.
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    a link would be very cool!
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    I did about 7 hours of Pandora today and stopped at 18%. Thhe phone then lasted for another 5 hours.

    Here's the review and comparison:
    In-depth Look at Palm Pre Super Extended Battery! 2800mAh and Monstrous 3800 mAh, get your Pre running for*days. - all things Palm Pre - PreThinking

    Here's the battery and door: Amzer SmartCell Li-Ion Battery with Battery Door for Palm Pre (Black): Cell Phones…

    I had the Seidio 2600 already which is a great battery and was able to find just the Amzer door on Ebay for $20 shipped.
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    Sexy? I just looked at the link and don't see sexy...however each to their own...some consider "bbw" as "sexy" I guess...
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    I wonder if there are any technical reasons why they couldn't extend the battery to cover more of the device. There's lots of unused space under the back cover, especially with the 3800mAh device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ferriskeanu View Post
    Sexy? I just looked at the link and don't see sexy...however each to their own...some consider "bbw" as "sexy" I guess...
    Alright, sexy enough lol. Its the best out of the three options available.
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    That 2800 and door is really catching my eye. A little thickness is cool, "bbw" 3800, meh not so much. Somebody tell Precious to come and get her phone, the "Palm Pre-cious"
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