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    ThinkFlood has recently come out with RedEye mini, an infrared emitter that fits in the *headphone* jack of iPhones, iPods and iPads, and allows them to be used as universal remotes:

    This would be a seriously cool peripheral to have on webOS and, since it uses the headphone jack, it's a matter of software, not hardware redesign.

    I tweeted about it to @MattEagar, head of ThinkFlood, who replied:

    Thanks for your Tweet. Looking forward to getting into other platforms as soon as we can.
    So how about it, webOS faithful? Let's let Mr. Eagar and his colleagues at ThinkFlood know that we want this for our Pres and Pixis! Send him a tweet! Write an e-mail to the company! Post to their Facebook page!
    Comment on their YouTube channel! Be positive, be loud, be heard! Let's make this happen! {Jonathan}
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    Thank you for posting this! Something like this would be AMAZING in my opinion and I really hope we could see something like this for webOS in the future.
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    Yes. I would love to see this for webOS. Bring it!
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    neat, but seems a bit pricey... I'd be willing to pay 30 tops for the software/hardware.
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    Great thread! Thanks for starting this! I just wrote an email to the link privded above, and would strongly encourage everyone to do the same! Here's the text of my email, feel free to adapt it, copy it, whatever, let's just show them the passion of the webOS community!

    Dear Thinkflood,

    The Red Eye Mini looks phenomenal! *Congratulations! I'm writing to let you know that there is already is already a strong interest from the HP/Palm WebOS userbase and we would love to see this technology implemented for WebOS devices as well! *WebOS is a tremendously easy operatin system to code for and a number of developers have ported iPhone apps to webOS in a matter of hours! *The webOS userbase may seem small but our size is greatly overcome by the percentage of users who are technically savvy and highly passionate about supporting development for webOS! Since purchasing Palm HP has continually expressed their unwavering support of the OS and continuing it's development in the smartphone, tablet, and web connected device markets. *I hope that you will seriously consider this opportunity to reach out to a new core of potential customers and get involved with a promising OS that is destined for tremendous growth!

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    Wow, that was quick, got a response already:
    (Still, email them, we need to show as much interest as possible!)

    Thanks for your interest.

    We are very interested in expanding to multiple platforms, but there is still some work that has to be done in order to see what is actually possible on the WebOS platform. *Please sign up for our newsletter if you wish to get updates as to the progress of the RedEye, you can sign up for it here*RedEye mini has landed.

    Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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    not to be a naysayer, but to use this you have to bring around a separate IR dongle which is easy to lose. wouldn't it just be easier to use the regular remote. For the $50 you can find a Harmony refurbed or new if its a good deal and those have actual buttons.

    I had a program like this on my PPC6700 and it was a nice gimmic because the phone already had an IR blaster.

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