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    I have a Pre. I had Shure headphones in the past and I know they're great for sound and sound-isolating, but now I want a pair with integrated microphone.

    I spoke with the Shure support about the SE115M and the SE115M+ - the latter has a better remote - but apparently the M+ is only for select Apple products, so I'm thinking of going for the M. However, Shure support wasn't sure if the M is %100 compatible either.

    Anyone using the M with their Pre (Plus)?
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    I'll answer my own question-

    I bought the Ms.

    Just like with my old Shure headphones, the sound is terrific and they do a great job of shutting out ambient noise when you *put them on correctly* (if you're walking down a busy street, you will still hear some noise when no music is playing).

    The microphone sucks. With the headphones on, you get the impression that the microphone is very sensitive because of the way it picks up the noise that the headphones are keeping out; however, people on the line complained that they couldn't hear me very well, and that was even when I felt like I was raising my voice.

    I have to admit though, I mainly bought the headset for the audio capabilities and the occasional need to respond to a call, so I don't mind that the mic isn't up to par. For a long call, I'll just take off the headset.

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