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    Hello PreCentral,

    I 've have my Pre Plus for 2 months now and I love it. Especially thanks to you all. Last night my best friend got an Evo however and we were trying to share sounds and video's with bluetooth. On the Evo is seems as it lets you know more of whats going via Bluetooth connection then my Pre did. My first kind of disappointment on it. On the Bluetooth menu for my Pre it just showed a picture of a phone and next to it "Richard" which was what his phone was named. I couldn't do ANYTHING else besides delete it. I couldn't touch it and send something, i couldn't go to my pictures and "send via bluetooth" nothing...
    Hopefully with all of the people here. Some people can help me out.

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    this was a disappointment for me also...
    i wish someone would make a patch or an application to share files like rintgtones and pictures for webOS through bluetooth...even better if palm added that function in an update
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    those features havent been implemented in the OS yet as far as i know. What you need is OPP support to send files and stuff and it doesnt have it.
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    It is my understanding that palm uses the A2DP Bluetooth standard that supports a SPP protocol that is still in development – The SPP definition due out in a future WebOS update will enable elements such as Bluetooth keyboards and file sharing to happen.
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