I bought and received and Otterbox protective case (face and back) for my Pre because I liked the protection my wife's had on her Blackberry. I've had a Seidio and another brand I got at a Sprint kiosk (faces and backs). Both of those broke (tabs to hold it on and both face plates). Otterbox claimed theirs wouldn't break. I had mine at work yesterday plugged in to the charger (Touchstone doesn't work with this brand) and when I finished for the day with my patients (I'm a Dentist) I looked at my phone and the front cover was broken on the corner and popped off. My Associate said he heard a 'pop' but didn't know what it was. The phone wasn't even being used when the case broke.
How do I get it replaced or get a refund?
I've now spent just under $100 for 3 sets of cases and am a little frustrated at the actual quality compared to supposed capabilities. I 'baby' my phones and PDA's and have been using a PDA of some type for about 15 years. I've never had things break like this in the past with other phones and PDA's.
Please help!!!