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  1.    #1 Palm Touchstone Charging Dock Charger Cable Pre Pixi Pre, Pixi, Pre Plue, Pixi Plus Touchstone Charging Dock: Cell Phones & Service

    Sold by "OEM Shop" on Amazon.

    Got this as an extra touchstone charging base. I was worried I misinterpreted the description but it came as I expected. Touchstone base, US AC charger and USB cable. The charger is smaller than my other two Palm chargers that came with my Pres, so I'm not sure if it's a knock-off or a redesigned OEM, but it works great.

    At the same time, from the same seller on Amazon, I also got some extra Pre batteries (look the same as my original, not like a Centro battery) for $12.76/ea shipped. They look new and are holding a good charge. NEW OEM Palm Pre Pixi Standard Original OEM Battery Palm Pre: Cell Phones & Service

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    link says 39.99 + shipping...
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    as does mine
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    Darn, looks like it was on sale or a price mistake. Glad I got it for almost half off.

    EDIT: Looks like you can still get it for that price, but from a different reseller than I used:

    "# The Touchstone Expansion Kit bundles everything you need to charge your Pre
    # New Palm Touchstone Charging Dock
    # New Palm Wall Charger & Data Cable"
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    bah, doesn't ship to Canada.
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    I just got it all for $21.57! Thanks for the heads up!

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