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    Does anyone have major problems with the range of these headphones? It seems that after about a month of use, the bluetooth transmitter in the headphones turns very weak. They wont even pick up the signal through a jeans pocket like they did before. I can't tell if it's the headphones or the pre. I originally got the headphones from ebay and they ended up being a chinese fake, but worked for about a month before I suddenly couldnt get the signal through my pockets. I lost those and bought a new pair of S9's from the store, along with a new pre, and now I have the same problem. It's like they require line of site to work, or they disconnect. I turn off gps, wifi, data, etc thinking that might steal some power from transmitter but no difference.

    Has anyone else has this problem? Does it sound like the headphones or the pre? I guess ill buy another brand BT headphones and see.
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    I have the same headphones and sometimes experience music cutting out when my Pre (or previously my iPod touch) was in my pocket. But it's minor and doesn't happen all that often.

    I usually have my Pre on a counter or bed when I'm using the headphones, though.
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    this is certainly not new to other BT phones i have had in the past.
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    Yeah, it's really just an inherent limitation with bluetooth. The 2.4GHz band doesn't pass through body tissue very well when operating on low power radios like those used for bluetooth.
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    One thing to try is to switch the side you carry the Pre on. With my Motorola 305 headset, it would work fine indoors, but once I stepped outside, the reception would be pretty bad. I switched carrying my Pre from my left front pants pocket to the right front pants pocket, and reception improved immensely. Signal hardly (if ever) drops out. I presume that the bluetooth receiver is in the right ear-piece on the 305, since all the controls are on that side, so you may want to give that a shot with the S9 as well.
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    I have an older BT S9 version and they work Great! no issues great sound and full controls forward back vol mute and also work via phone. When i get a call pandora or music will pause and sound is from left speaker and mic work great.

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