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    I have an older car audio system which is only CD/Radio. Back in the day when I used my iPod regularly, I purchased a Monster charger/FM Tuner which worked fine for the iPod, but when I got my Pre the adapter was dying and I never got the audio to work over the "headphone" input on the adapter.

    I've been digging around and haven't found an "official" Pre FM Tuner adapter and was wondering what out there will work with it. I'm looking to ideally spend less than $30 but if I can't find it that low I'll have to live with it. Is there an FM Tuner taht will work with the Pre?
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    none are official. Just grab whatever is rated well on or cnet.

    mine is branded iRiver, but it's sold by several companies...
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    Honestly the cheapest, highest quality, option would be to buy an aftermarket cd changer to audio in adapter. They are expensive from retail locations but you can find them online (ebay for example) for $4. It's a little more work to pull the deck out and plug it in, but you only need to do it once and the quality is far better than an FM tuner.
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    if you value quality you'll need a new deck with aux, usb or bluetooth

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