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    After my Body Glove case broke (tabs snapped off, so front cover falls off), I looked into other protection solutions. I've never been a fan of a naked phone, and already had some scratches from dust getting under the body glove case. So, I ordered the full kit from Skinomi through Amazon. Shipping was quick, faster then I expected. I began the install the other night, and things didn't go as I expected. The cut isn't perfect like I was hoping; it's abit lop-sided, the hole for the speaker is oval not round, and fit isn't perfect. I've heard alot of hype, so maybe I had too high of expectations. I finished the install yesterday, and after letting my phone sit the rest of the day and over night, it seems to be clearing up nicely. The screen is pretty orange peely, which I didn't expect, but doesn't look too bad. I cut the side flaps off on my front peice, since they wouldn't stick; for the back I decided to use the hair dryer like they suggested, and it went on pretty good, so I'm sure I could have gotten the front if I had used it. Overall, it seems like great quality, and feels nice. I can barely tell it's on there except for the few slight imperfections (dust under it mostly ). Also, since I put the rear piece on too, my once rubbery TS back is now glossy looking (with orange peel of course ). I like the look much better

    So, overall I'd recommend it. It wasn't as fitted as I had hoped, but it definitely seemed to stick great (once it dries). Wasn't the easiest to install, but doesn't require a degree in rocket engineering, just patience. Looks good though, no comment on how well it protects yet. I'll check back in a few weeks to update on how it's holding up.
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    thanks for the detailed review. i just got the full body and did use a hair dryer - that is the way to go. i was able to get all the corners down. i do have a dimple in one corner and was wondering if i can rewet it and push back down... not sure. i may experiment. i do like the feel of the skin as well.
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    I've had my Skinomi on for three months, and am totally satisfied with it. I have a Pre Plus, so I bought just the front side display cover (no wraparound). With the Touchstone back on this model, I doubted that the Skinomi would adhere to the soft-touch surface (apparently it does, but it would certainly mess up the feel, making the Pre slippery).

    I had a little orange peel effect and some bubbles after applying the Skinomi, but all that cleared up overnight.

    Since then, my only complaint is that it picked up some small gouges during the time that I was using a Seidio Innocase instead of the OEM microfiber case (probably from the case of my pocket knife). I can feel those spots when swiping across the surface, but otherwise don't really notice them. Since these are pretty minor, I've not felt the need to invoke the lifetime warranty for a replacement (and it proves to me that I needed to have a screen protector!).

    As for protecting the Touchstone back: I've had no problems with the back getting marred. The soft touch surface is either scratch resistant or just doesn't show scratches. Why mess with that nice feel by covering it with slick plastic?
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    Update: So far, I'm loving it. It has interfered with my holster however, and because of that, it isn't perfect. Although, covering the screen is flawless (still slight orange peel though). I did cut a little more off the top because my holster peeled it off, but other than that, this seems like a great skin. My g/f even saw the edge of it and though my Pre Plus was cracked :P

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