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    Now before anyone decides to take me to task on that title, I'm not in any way, shape or form trying to imply my Palm Pre Plus (Verizon) is the "best dressed", it's my humorous way of wanting to find out how you protect your device.

    First, let me say that when I ordered my Palm Pre Plus in late April, I specifically told the sales rep that I wanted a "bundle" at a good price because I was tired of "free" (well, subsidized) winding up pretty costly because of "accessories" and truth be told, they did right by me; car charger, Bodyglove (w/beltclip) and a pack of screen protectors at a significant discount. I thought I was happy. That is until coming here and reading up on all the screen protectors, touchstone configurations and cases as well as trying a few out for myself. I have a small box of average quality "leftovers" (screen protectors/cases/car charger) that I'm NOT using. See what you people do?!?

    So, this is what I ultimately have on my phone.

    Skinomi Screen Protector - just installed last night and I'm loving it.
    AG Findings GRT (Glide Rail Technology) case with blue (only then-available color) front and Touchstone compatible back. Completely eliminates "oreo" if you have it or avoids it if you don't. I have a TS installed at home, at my desk at work and in the car. Until/unless I'm away from one of those locations, I'm never really low on battery life and if so, not for very long. I also wound up with one of the cradles that charges the phone and an extra battery (when I purchased a "back-up" phone off ebay) that requires using the USB port but nice to have the extra battery charged, but to sit in the cradle, one has to remove the case from the phone. Also and more just for experiment's sake, bought one of those "AA battery" chargers from CVS Pharmacy for the occasional travel related "top off" that doesn't involve pulling the car's TS set up out and taking it along.

    So, I've actually spent waaaaaay more on accessories (and a 2nd phone "just in case") than I'd ever intended and just as I'm reading there may be a new device out sometime between now and the end of the year!! Ack! Actually, I love my phone. Have "can't put it down syndrome". It's patched (57 last count), overclocked, themed (Broken Glass Theme) and I've spent nearly $100.00 in apps both before and during the 50% sale. This just isn't what I do with a phone!! At Easter, I was just saying to someone "I don't want a device that does everything". Why would I want my phone to use it's camera flash as an ad hoc flashlight? Say that after installing Jason R's patch! I'm a total convert!!

    I even had the RadioShack dude ask me the other day when purchasing an extra TS Kit for someone on PreCentral "what do you do for a living"? (Legal Executive Assistant) "Want to come work here? I need the help and you sound like you know cell phones". Well, I really only know what all you "forum folks" have taught me. This place and this phone rocks!

    OK, I'm done. So, how have you personalized your phone?
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    I picked up the black body glove case and love it.

    Very sturdy and I love how it feels in my hand and looks.

    I was starting to get the "oreo" effect and it is much more secure now.

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