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    Hey guys, As soon as i got my phone, I bought a case for it. It happened to be an Otter Box Impact series. It comes with a screen protector and all that good stuff.

    Today, i bought a Touchstone charger and the back case for it. I had already knew it wouldn't work with it. I don't usually drop my phone or anything, the main thing i'm worried about is my screen getting scratched, since i got a cover over that it's fine.

    My question is.. should i cut a round hole in my brand new Otter box case in order to make it compatible with touchstone, or just not even use a case? What do you guys do??
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    I just don't use a case with mine. I leave a screen protector on it and I keep it in like a carrying case during the day while I'm not using it.
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    I'm in the same situation, case options just arent' that great, i wish they had taken the pixi artist series and made pre backs for it.

    for the most part my pre is "naked" right now, i think i'll end up just ordering a pretty pouch for it on etsy and going with a good quality screen protector, the touchstone is too important to me personally to force it into any non TS case, most of which are ugly anyway so it wasnt too hard of a decision.

    :/ for now i'm stuck also
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    there is a member on here that modified a Seido extended battery back cover to work w/the TS. You could either send your otterbox and TS cover to him to modify for you, or check out his pix and youtube video to do it yourself. Those options are much more sound than to destroy your otterbox

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