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    Over the last couple of days I have noticed that the distance that my Pre will maintain its bluetooth connection has diminished significantly. It used to be that I could be about 20-25ft away from the device that I'm connected to and still maintain that connection. Now however, it doesn't keep the connection with my car's bluetooth enabled stereo system when it's on my lap while I'm in the driver's seat.

    It will connect and and then disconnect intermittenly.
    When I'm on the phone the line with start to get static while in my lap, but the I bring it closer to my dash and it clears up. I've restarted my phone and unpaired the re-paired my phone to the car, but all of this hasn't fixed it....any ideas?
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    If the BT is kinda old, it might be its battery. Try a different BT to see if you have the same issue, and that should point you to the culprit's direction.
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    well it's the bluetooth that is integrated into the stereo of my Mazda3. I assume it works off the cars battery/alternator.
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    Have you tried a different Bluetooth device to see if you have the same issue? It may also the Bluetooth module embedded in your phone.
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    I just bought the Motorola H790 and the range has dropped significantly compared to the older Motorola H350 that i replaced. I really can't understand why. I'm going to return it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goofydragon1 View Post
    Have you tried a different Bluetooth device to see if you have the same issue? It may also the Bluetooth module embedded in your phone.
    I have tried it on a Motorola Headset that I used to use and a Jabra headset, but I get the same results. I get static on the line starting at about an arms length btwn the device(car, headset, etc.) and the phone.

    I don't understand it. This just started happening last week.
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    UPDATE: I have finally found the culprit to my problem....the Palm Pre.

    Steps taken:
    1) Two online chat sessions with Palm Support
    2) Ran webOS Doctor to strip the phone and start fresh
    3) Called into Palm Phone Service Support Team and was told to go to a Sprint store.
    4) Visited local Sprint store....10 mins later they just gave me a new phone free of charge!!!!

    As it turns out, there was something wrong with the bluetooth module in the phone. I lucked out at the Sprint store because they just gave me a new phone, although my phone was out of warranty by two weeks(I was an early adopter of the Pre). However, I am a local business owner and I know the manager at my local Sprint store very well, so he took care of me.
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    well I tried the moto H700 and worked fine until the distance was more then arm. So I have heard good things about the "blueant" bluetooth and getting one tomorrow and will let you know if works as good as I was told.
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