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    Palm isn't going to say that they are the same because they aren't.

    The rep I talked to actually spoke with who he called "the tech guys", and came back and said that yes, they are different, but you'd never know it from reading the spec sheets on the two batteries. He said that the batteries were opposites in terms of positive and negative, and he said that the effects of reverse polarity would indeed damage the phone - it would just happen slowly over time.

    I asked him to *please* either post it here or contact the folks at PreCentral and ask them to post it. I mean, geez, I can say anything I want, just like anybody else. I figured that it would mean something more coming from Palm.

    Know what? HE DID IT, he called, but nothing ever appeared here. I emailed using the news tip link to ask why, and this is what I got back from Dieter:

    Hey Mary -

    Kind of crazy he said that it was "reversed polarity." We do know that the Centro battery can work in the Pre or Pixi, but it's not recommended because of subtle differences and heat issues.

    - Dieter

    On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 3:32 PM, <> wrote:
    > Mary (itsjustme) sent a message using the contact form at
    > Yesterday I got a call from a Palm rep named Tony in response to a
    > customer satisfaction survey that I had completed.
    > The long and the short of it was that Tony first pulled the specs on
    > Centro and Pre batteries and did not find a difference. When I
    > explained to him the readings that we had taken between the two, he
    > put me on hold and questioned one of the tech guys - the only ones who would really know about that.
    > He came back and said that he had been mistaken - there *was* a
    > critical difference between the two (reversed polarity), and he told
    > me that if he wasn't able to post the details in an official Palm
    > capacity, then he would contact the guy who owns this site and provide
    > the details & warning. (He also said that he'd give me credit - LOL)
    > This was yesterday evening, and I've waited allllll day to see this
    > hit your site - how cool would it be to be the ONLY site on the 'Net
    > with an official, credible explanation of why instead of vague recommendations?!
    > Have you heard anything yet? If not, let me know - he left a number with me.
    > Said he's the only guy named Tony who works there.
    > Update me if you can, 'kay?
    > Thanks!
    > Mary


    I've done all that I can do, really. While it really bothers me that some folks are slowly damaging their phones, there is absolutely nothing more that I know to do.

    It's entirely possible that it's a non-issue for most folks if they upgrade often enough, anyway.
    Not trying to be RUDE but your are so not right if the pins were totally opposite the Pre or Pixi would not work with the Centro battery's what so ever you are biting at the palm bait on this one they are full of it and you need to know more before posting a statement like that I can see you only have posted 30 some odd posts so your new here so i will give you some leeway but do some research on the battery's them selves instead of just talking what palm told you. If it was reversed polarity then it would not work at all and would instantly fry the Pre look at all the other posts there is ample proof that the Pre and Centro battery's have the same pins (ONLY DIFFERENCE ON THE BATTERY'S IS THE STUPID STICKER ON THE OUT SIDE OF IT) I am not trying to troll you or this thread but i am sick of people posting facts when they know nothing about electronics...
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