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    I have a problem with me little Palm Pre Plus. It's that Bluetooth A2DP Stereo offers only very "limited" audio quality to me. I have distortions, some "hissing" noise, in most of the songs. These seem to be somehow connected to the music, that means the noise dissapears when the music get's quiet or more melodic, but as soon as any percussions or similar set in the noise is there. It "feels" like some frequencies are just clipping.

    I have no idea where that comes from, and am desperate for help. Here is some diagnostic info and what I tried already:

    - The noise only exists using A2DP. Wired Headset and even backspeaker play cristal clear sound. I also tested the files on my computer.
    - I tried different A2DP devices, in detail: Motorola S9 (not HD), Sennheiser MM450, Jaybird SB1, Sony-Erricson DR-BT160AS, LinTech blueLino 2G. All are more or less the same.
    - The problem does reminds me of my problems with my HTC HD2 when I didn't tweak the A2DP-Bandwidth setting, it sounds exactly the same. But I couldn't find a bandwith or bitpool tweak for webos. Is there something like that?? AHRG...
    - The HTC HD2 has offers superb sound over A2DP (after tweaking bandwith) with all of the before mentioned A2DP sinks.
    - I tried to lower the sound level on the device and pull up on the headset (a tip I read somewhere, was googling all day), doesn't really help.
    - I tried switching off wifi and even radio, did not help.
    - I tried overclocking, did not help.
    - I tried a clean reboot and just started the music app, did not help.
    - I installed the Music Player (Remix) and used that, did not change a thing.

    I read about people having fun using A2DP the whole day. I read about fixes of A2DP, but my webOS is already 1.4.1 and says that there are no updates. It's an unbranded device, saying "World Ready 1.3" in device info -> configuration. And most people seem quite lucky with their A2DP sound quality... The only "known" issue seems to be some hickups or lost connection issues, I never faced until now (but I can't stand the sound quality for long, maybe that's the reason here). So I seem to be alone and doing something terribly wrong... ?

    One last clue: Could some of the people that have good A2DP quality tell me what format their audio files are in?

    I'm getting a little bit frustrated here.. Any ideas anyone?
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    I use A2DP all the time on my Sprint Pre and the sound quality is very poor. I only put up with it so that I don't have to deal with a wired headset. I'd love to hear about a fix/work around.
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    I also had the same problem before and then I got the new Pulsar 590E bluetooth stereo headset and I must say its the best among all I have used.
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    I posted this issue to the Palm support forum: (sadly I can't post links here, so you'll have to dig it up by yourself. Title is: "Very poor Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Sound Quality!!" posted in Palm Support Community : Wireless and Email : Bluetooth & WiFi)

    maybe something comes out of this (I don't really hope for it). Other people over there seem to have similar issues.
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    I am using the Platronics/Altec Lansing Backbeats 903's BT stereo headsets and the sound quality is very good IMO. Some people in here have reported breakup in streaming when using them outside but mine work pretty good outside, minor breakups. Some people have solved this problem by using a armband to hold the Pre as opposed to keeping the Pre in a pants pocket or belt clip.
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    What music do you listen to? Mp3 files? Or something you stream? Can you tell me something about the format? Sample rate, stereo mode, bitrate and so on... that would be great.
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    I listen to music files downloaded from itunes and Pandora.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    ....Some people in here have reported breakup in streaming when using them outside....
    I've never put that together before but now that you mention it, it's really only when I'm outside that the Bluetooth A2DP cuts out. I wonder why that is? I can walk across the room or even into the next room when inside and it doesn't cut out but when I walk outside, it cuts out all the time. I use the Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset.
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    There is an explanation for the cut offs outside. Bluetooth uses the 2.4Ghz frequency band, which happens to be the resonance frequency of water. That means, that water (and therefore human beeings) means heavy attenuation for the radio signal.

    If you now take into account that most headsets have their bluetooth antenna in the cable that goes behind your neck and (at least with me) the mobile phone sits in one of your front pockets, then the direct way for the signal would be traversing a big part of your body. This is close to impossible for class 2 and 3 bluetooth devices.
    Inside rooms there are enough walls and furniture for the signal to reflect (inside the 10m radius) so that an indirect way is easily possible.
    In wide open field, there only is the direct way and this will mean packet loss. You could try to hold your phone in your hand and a bit away from your body or behind your back.. that should help a lot.

    Of course that whole topic depends a lot on transmitter and receiver and also on maaaaaaaaaany factors no one can really influence as always with radio tranmission.

    But: This topic was not about cut outs (I don't suffer from them), but about audio quality. Do you get good audio quality using bluetooth a2dp? What audio are you listening to? Mp3 files? Streams?
    I'm still investigating this and couldn't find a clue yet... this is the worst show stopper for me, at the moment.
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    I just made this thread:

    But it doesn't look like there is much interest in trying to fix this.
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    having the same problem with my sprint pre on my motorola t605. The quality isn't terrible, but certain songs and beats/percussions have clipping and static. Tried my dad's pre and it sounded the same. Tried my sister's htc hero and it sounded almost perfect. Hooking the pre directly through the t605's aux 3.5mm jack fixes the problem, so it's definitely a bluetooth problem.
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    I wonder if there are any bluetooth fixes in the next version of WebOS?
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    In 1.4.5 there are not.
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    Thought I should add that it seems that when my custom event/notification tone plays, it sounds really bad when the phone is connected to Bluetooth despite it playing over the handset's speaker. First time it did it I had thought my speaker had blown again since it sounds almost exactly the same as my old pre with a blown speaker. Now I've noticed it's actually fine elsewhere, just not when I'm in my car with the Bluetooth and set it on the touchstone.

    Also, it seems that I don't get as much static and clipping when playing music from mp3s versus the Pandora or lostfm apps. It is still there though, and Bluetooth still sounds perfect using Pandora on my sister's Hero.
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    I feel exactly same as you described. Bluetooth headset with Palm Pre sounds like 32KHz, not 44 or 48KHz. As I hear music through Bluetooth, high frequency metallic sound is pretty weak.

    My old Palm Centro with bluetooth headset offers much better sound quality than Pre, honestly. Anyway I needed to set higher than 256Kbps for my Centro to get a good sound quality.

    I think Palm needs to work a lot for bluetooth profiles, such as adjusting bitrates/KHz for A2DP, adding Bluetooth keyboard profile, etc.
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    Has there been any development on this? I would love to use A2DP in my car, but the sound quality is so bad. I've read that increasing the BitPool settings helps this. Is anyone able to make a patch to do this?
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    I'm surprised with these posts. I use the Motorola S9 HD all the time and I love the sound quality! Heck, four of my co-workers have bought it after they see me with it all the time on my Sprint Pre Minus.

    I listen to Podcasts and Pandora most of the time while at work, and I usually drain the battery all the way down so I do some pretty heavy use with them. I don't tend to use them to answer calls though, so couldn't vouch for their call quality.
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    I have seen no improvement in the A2DP Quality (call quality doesn't matter for me). I gave up on investigating this... The bitpool setting is burried unreachable in some binary file. I have some little hope for webOs 2.0 to be an improvement. I guess that someday the will need to implement a more decent bluetooth stack.

    Still I, too, am wondering why so many people have no issues, but I have so big ones. I guess there must be some subtle difference in the Bluetooth-Hardware sold in Europe and the US... After all there are devices with different radio modules out there. I guess that matters.

    I own a Pre and a Pre Plus, both from O2 germany, both having this issue. I guess that's the "gsm version" of the phone?

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums Beta
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    I'm using a Sprint Pre and I am having bad sound quality, so I don't think it's just the European model. I'm using it with a Parrot MK6100, which is great. If I could only get the music to sound good. How hard would it be to replace Palm's Bluetooth stack with a custom one with better bitpool settings?
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    I didn't manage to do it.. but I'm not an linux expert and have very little experience with cross compiling, so that added up to the problem...

    But even if you manage to compile and install a more decent bluetooth stack on the phone, you will end up having to implement and replace many things in the webOS UI to control that different stack.
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