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    I know this is a little old, but I was having the same problem and was hoping that an upgrade to 2.1 would help me, but to no avail. Quality is still miserable, as described earlier. Would love to see this solved to use bluetooth audio in the car.

    My songs are all CBR 192k MP3, and I'm streaming to a BlueBridge mini jack in the car. My ipod touch sounds beautiful, my pre+ does not.

    EDIT: Does anyone know if the pre2 is better?
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    I'm still having the same issue on a Pre2. I also had a Pre- and a Pixi Plus... everytime the exact same issues.
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    I've been using my Pre Minus with a Jabra Halo, and the sound quality is excellent. Just as good as wired (literally, since the Halo has a wired option as well, and I tried it once). About the only problem I ever experience is that I habitually put the Pre in my left pocket, and the Halo's receiver is on the right side. If I shift the phone to my right pocket, perfect performance.
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    It's not connected to such issues, sadly...

    I bought a A2DP transmitter, which I can plug into the headset jack of the pre/pixi devices and I get good audio quality with that transmitter, even if I leave my phone and the transmitter on my desk and wander arround in my flat... It works through some walls and roughly the advertised 10m. But as soon as I remove the external A2DP transmitter and use the internal bluetooth of the phone quality is unbearable again.

    The audio stream does no interrupt or hick up, not even with the internal bluetooth.. reception is good. Only the audio quality is really unberable and I really think that it is connected to me having EU (or WORLD) phones and not an US version which has a different radio which also impacts bluetooth as it seems...
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    I have been using my Vzw Pre+ with a Sony DR-BT140Q headset for over a year now. I pretty much listen to music all day 5 days a week on my Pre+. Not sure if it matters but I use Music Player Remix. I consider the sound quality very good on my setup, and have never had any of the issues reported in this thread.
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    This issue still exists on the TouchPad. All they need to do is increase the bitpool value in their bluetooth code. I am just going to have to stick to listening to music through A2DP on iOS devices.
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