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    Does Radio Shack still sell the touchstone? I bought one about a month ago and want another one (My third) but can't find it on their website. I know I can order it on-line but I wanted to buy it this weekend. Any other places that sell it?
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    check your local best buy, they had the kits on clearance for $20 when i went this week.
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    so this place is full of conspiracy theorists ... what's the thought on why touchstones are fading out of retail stores?
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    Radio Shack might have some left for cheap. I would call first, just to save time.
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    I just picked up a touchstone from Radio Shack for $15. My Pre gets so hot when I use it, I wonder if they're discontinuing them for that reason...
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    I'd check at local Radio Shacks. There should still be some leftovers, considering the size of our user base.

    I haven't heard anything of overheating while on a touchstone, but have heard of increased battery drain while in use. Could be a heat related issue. I don't have one yet, so Im gonna take the time before I get one and inverstigate...
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    I just picked up a touchstone at radioshack for 15 then went to best buy and asked them to price match radioshack for another one. But I forgot my receipt so I looked up the cheapest price on google shopping and showed customer service on my pre it for 16 dollars.
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    I just found a store on Long Island that had 3, I got 2 of them.

    So my suggestion is just to stop by as many Radio Shacks as you can, you should be lucky!

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    I bought a Pre last week and got the Touchstone free (promo at ATT) I didn't know you needed a special back for it and they didn't include one or tell me I needed one. I have been charging the pre on the Touchstone without the replacement back. I have been having occasional problems with the phone - shuts down when make a call, screen go off and not come back on until take battery out and reboot, etc. Have I done damage to the phone by leaving on the stock back while using touchstone?
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    Palm Pre's sold by Verizon and AT&T already have the Touchstone back.

    Only the original Pre's sold by Sprint require the new back.

    And if you did not have the correct back, it would simply not charge.
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    I found it at radioshack on Sunday. The trick is call with the SKU number 1705321 (they can look it up AT ALL the local stores). They will then tell you who has it left and how many.

    Be careful I drove 30 minutes to get mine after calling, only to find they ONLY had the cover left. But they did look up and found me a touchstone (only 10 minutes from my house). I wish they answered the phone when I called the first time....

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