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    I just found a 2000 mah extended battery at for $25.99 with new back.
    Palm Pre 2000 mAh Extended Battery and Battery Door |

    When I enlarge the picture. The battery says for Centro. Anyone have any advice or experience with this battery.

    I desperately need an extended battery. Can't make it 2pm. I've tried every tip and suggestion. Just too much use.

    Thanks for the help as ussual. This site is great.
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    google the battery
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    funny, I was just searching the threads "overstock" and saw this. Just about to ask the same question. Actually, some pretty good deals on Online Shopping - Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing & more, just type "Palm Pre" in the search from the site. Best part is 2.95 on shipping. I decided to shop around since I ended up getting another Pre (craigslist and sprint won't cover it...) for my son to get a better fix on location rather than expecting the truth.

    However, back to the question on point. Why/Does the Centro extended battery work in the Pre? (i would guess not...?)

    The link to the battery in question......
    Palm Pre 2000 mAh Extended Battery and Battery Door |

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