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    I recently bought my used car and can't connect my PalmPre to use the bluetooth. My car shows my phone as a device and my phone also shows my car as a device, but when I try to sync/connect I get the error message "unable to connect" on my phone.

    Any suggestions?

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    Call your local BMW dealer and see if there is a software upgrade for your car. Since the car is 5 yrs old, it is possible that the Bluetooth implementation is so old that it might be able to connect to the pre. I would assume the problem is on the car side and not the Pre end of connectivity. I had 2008 535xi that worked well with the pre, and my 2010 750i works great too.
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    i have a 2005 bmw mini and find it also some times connects other times not. When it doesn't i just remove the device setting on the phone & car bt then pair up them again. Also rebember that the bt card on the pre needs to open and discoverable so they can pair up

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