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    When will the Pre/Pre Plus get the same type of accessories the the IPhone has. ie clock radios.
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    Good question, but do you really need it. I can use my pre as a clock/radio while on the touchstone.
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    Never...... sorry, the reason iANYTHING has all the accesories is due to the mass amount of people owning iPODs, etc. One of the things that had attracted me to older iPODs for car stereo integration, now with the newer BT profiles, car stereos can do a lot of what the Apple stuff could do back in the day when car audio decks were built for them.

    I doubt we will see specific WebOS accessories any time soon.... also consider that apple doesn't change form factor too much so production cost is lower. Even if we saw the accessories the price would be even higher than the iAccessories due to the lack of market for the webos stuff (even if marketshare gets HUGE compared to where it is now).
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    The biggest reason is because Palm's connector doesnt control the Pre or Pixi. And since its on the side, It would make for an awkward setup.
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    If palm made a new device that has a TS that charges and syncs wirelessly to other devices, than this is pretty possible. I think that the TS is a great innovation it's self. I have an ipod for music and my phone for smartphone activities. I keep an ipod in my truck and use my phone every now and then for pandora.

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