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    Well, I ordered another touchstone along with a cord tonight from Amazon. Aaag! I can't stop buying stuff for my Pre+. I'm going to use this TS and cord for traveling so that I won't have to crawl almost under my bed to unplug it every time I go out of town, which is pretty often.

    Any excuse to get a new (or another) gadget, eh?

    EDIT: I forgot to say that I got the TS and the cord for about $27 shipped...not too shabby!! That's another thing - I love finding deals and figuring out how to get things cheaper. Makes shopping more fun..and dangerous at times.
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    Ahhh I feel for ya, I keep wanting to buy more accessories and especially Apps for my Pre

    How about picking up a Seidio 2600 Battery? Or the always great Otterbox Tandem Case? You can also never go wrong with screen protectors too!

    I have 1 TS in on my desk, 1 in my car, and 1 as a backup unopened in my closet- $15 Radioshack
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    lol I need a backup TS too!!

    I have a skinomi front screen protector on my Pre+, and also an extended battery already. I also ordered a skin from to put on the back. I'm looking into a pouch or sleeve of some sort. I don't like the snap on, shell type cases. We'll see though!

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