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    I always knew my Pre Plus gets pretty warm when charging on touchstone, but I never knew how warm until I installed the battery temperature warning patch.

    If I touchstone charge the phone when the battery is deeply discharged (e.g. < 20%), it is not unusual for the battery temperature to climb to 45 - 47 degrees C. Nothing else was running, and screen off. Battery pull reboot didn't seem to make a difference.

    When the battery is around 75 - 80% charged when the battery temperature warning "bong" would go off every 5 minutes. It is getting to the point that I am about to remove the battery warning patch. Of course I don't know if the phone has always gotten this warm; I only notice it now that I have the temperature warning patch.

    Is this normal?
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    I believe that is a normal temperature range. You have to realize that charging through the Touchstone is going to naturally cause more heat to the phone since the entire back of the phone is being used to conduct the charge as opposed to just plugging it in directly through USB.

    I was in my car yesturday driving in 90 degree weather and had my Pre docked on my touchstone and I saw my phone reach up to 53c which is a warning zone but I still tolerable for the phone. Once you get above 60c, then you should try to start cooling the phone down by removing the battery and back panel
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