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    I had the innocase and the tabs broke with in a week, so i tried the otterbox and it's great I'm loving it. I can't use my touchstone now because it doesn't work with the otterbox case. My question is, can you mod it in anyway to get the touchstone to work with the case?? This really is the best case for the pre IMO but this is a major flaw not being able to use the touchstone.
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    The back surface of the otterbox is too thick to make a magnetic hold with the touchstone. The only way I could imagine a mod being done on this is by creating a circular cut like what the GRT case has Palm Pre/Palm Pre Plus GRT Case Kit - Palm - Palm Pre - Palm Pre Plus - Verizon - AGF

    But regardless the Otterbox tandem case is the best case for Pre out on the market!
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    Thank you for your response. I agree, this is bar none the best case. It just really stinks with the touchstone issue. There's gotta be a way to mod it to work lol. Time to get crafty.
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    Well if you find a way to mod the case to where it still LOOKS nice and WORKS nice with the Touchstone, please dont hesitate to share with your fellow community members
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    I would love to, I'm just trying to think of how i would cut the plastic/ design it. You would need a hole punched similar to the one you linked me to, actually doing it is another thing.
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    I have had the otterbox for three weeks now. It had been great until last weekend. While walking down the steps in my garage, I slipped due to a shoe on stairs and phone fell/hit the concrete garage floor. Phone was probably 4 feet high off the ground.

    My slider was open during this time. Bottom part of otterbox stayed on the phone. However, top slim piece not only just flew off in one hit, tabs also broke and my phone did get a scratch. My first scratch since August 09

    I believe otterbox is great if tested while slider is closed. With open slider, there are no guarantees. Now I have to go buy something else because the top part is useless.

    I will NOT be buying otterbox. The rubber seal from top section is also coming off, slowly but surely.

    Please note: I am happy that majority of my phone is safe. I just wasn't happy that after paying high dollar for a case, it did not stay on. I can understand broken tabs if I had bought some non-tested brand off ebay. Pretty sad because this case looks great and really wraps around all the buttons.

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