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    Just picked up a Pre touchstone kit (back and charger) for $15.97 from Radio Shack. Last one in stock. I saw this deal a couple weeks ago, but didn't jump on it right away. They're still closing out some accessories since they've stopped selling the Pre & Pixi.

    Just wanted to let everyone know who doesn't have the touchstone yet.
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    Thanks for the heads up! I work right next door to a 'Shack so I'm gonna hit it up manana.
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    If nothing else you can sell it on ebay for $30
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    the case is nice and cheap there too
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    There's none left in Port Charlotte, FL. I got the last 7. (for myself and my three kids. Now if the wife would just switch over to the Pixi...)
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    Wow. Thanks for the heads up. According to the site, all the stores around me have em so I'll call and run over there soon and grab one for the automobile.
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    Just picked up the last two at the Shack near me. Didn't include the back though, unfortunately and they didn't have any for the Pre. Looking elsewhere for a back as one of the TS is for my mom who doesn't have it.
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    All of the Radio Shacks are out near me but Best Buy has them as an outlet item for 19.99.
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    Amazon got them for $20.00 right now

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