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    If you have a Jawbone Prime or a Jawbone 2 Plus, this procedure should resolve the issue of the Jawbone defaulting to the lowest volume after the bluetooth connection is disrupted or if you turn the Jawbone off and then back on. This procedure may also fix other odd issues between the Pre and the Jawbone Prime/Jawbone 2 Plus, but don't hold me to that. If you are unsure whether you have a Jawbone 2 or Jawbone 2 Plus, go here to check.

    1. Delete the Jawbone BT profile from the phone.
    2. Do a Device Restart.
    3. After the phone comes back online, navigate to the Bluetooth Preferences page, but do not tap 'Add Device' yet.
    4. Make sure the Jawbone is on (it should be flashing red every 6 seconds).
    5. Press the Jawbone buttons in this order, and fairly quickly: NoiseAssassin, Talk, Talk, NoiseAssassin, Talk, Talk.
    6. The Jawbone should now be flashing red and white showing that it is in a manual pairing mode.
    7. Tap 'Add Device' on the Pre. It should find the Jawbone and pair successfully.

    I had a Jawbone 2 Plus that this worked on, and at least one Jawbone Prime user had this work for them. Hopefully it will work for you...
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    This seems to have worked on my Jawbone Prime. Thank you!!
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    JB 2...this fixed it!
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    Thank you so much for posting this. It fixed the problem with my Prime too.

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