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    Similar to what Engadget does on a regular basis, I suggest PreCentral have an equivalent for Palm webOS hardware and software. Sometimes - evident from the dozens of similar forum posts - people have a slightly different need, even if they are all looking for a 'phone case.' I can start things off by querying the P|C braintrust....

    Hey there, Pre|Central. My original headphones are starting to fall apart; no fault of their own since I am pretty rough with them. I am looking for a set of replacement stereo earbuds with a unique need: they need to fit very close to the ear because they need to fit under a motorcycle helmet (so as not to dig into my ear canals which is painful). Wired or wireless are fine; not too picky as long as the price is right. Thanks!
    If anyone feels this is a good idea perhaps we can convince the web admins to include a weekly "Ask Pre|Central" news item where they pull questions from members here in the forum, which are then answered in the comments section by other members.

    Lastly, I am hoping to get some real suggestions to the query above; it's not just for show.

    Many thanks, PC!!!
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    Can anyone help me out with the above question regarding a low-profile hands free headset for my Pre?

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    I'm a fan of combining/consolidating once the question is answered. That allows for current discussion, but allows future searched to find fewer threads on a topic. I like the way the forum does it. The OP (and the mods) have the option to mark the question "answered" when closing it. That way you can search for your question and only open threads marked as "answered"...

    In terms of this question - I'm a jawbone fan. I also have a Plantronics Pro. I like them both. It's easier for me to hear with the Jawbone because it sticks further in my ear, and I don't need an ear loop to hold it on.

    Bluetooth is just too tempermental so I generally revert to a wired headset for anything important.
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    Check out the Motorola HS830. Bluetooth kit for your helmet. Ive got one on my now spare helmet, and overall it's not bad. It's not the greatest quality build: simply a 'puck' receiver that accepts a 2.5mm jack. The helmet adapter is a 'waterproof' closing that the puck slides into, and out goes a mic and speaker. The button isn't the greatest or easiest to work (possible defect in mine?), but call quality is great! I've had numerous people call me and when I reply "I'm on the bike" they don't believe me. The speaker isn't too loud unless it's right against your ear, but if you get it positioned right, you'll have no problems hearing the other person. I stream music through mine too, and have no problem hearing it doing 80+ MPH . It also supports headset to headset communication (only can link 2 though, and can't do phone + headset), and my dad and I tried that out. Worked great except that his helmet isn't the highest quality and has ALOT of windnoise. Because of that, he had trouble hearing me unless he pushed the side up against his ear. So, if you have a decent helmet, and $50 to spare, it's not a bad idea. Just make sure you get the speaker mounted so you can hear clearly and you'll like it . The mic doesn't pick up any windnoise in mine, and is voice-activated when doing headset to headset, so no buzzing or anything like that.

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