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    OK, I have looked and looked but cannot find a current listing for a one ear AD2P BT headset that will allow you to listen to podcasts via DrPodder or Stitcher. I have the Jabra BT530 and at one time it worked, now it does not.

    So again anyone have a BT headset (one ear) that works on the Sprint Pre with

    As an aside, yesterday while looking at the EVO 4G, I paired my Jabra BT 530 to the VZN Pre and it worked much better than mine, the device info listed the software as 1.4 though.

    Help me please, I miss my podcasts!

    Update: If I delete all paired devices from my Pre, reset the Jabra BT530 as per the manual (hold all three buttons) and re-pair the Jabra, I find I am getting consistant connection and streaming of music and podcasts.
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    Jawbone icon has the AD2P support and works great.
    Help a guy thats down and out on his luck..
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    I just got the blueant t1. It works great so far. Also look at blueant q1.
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    will it work with plantronics discovery 975 ?
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    I had bought an Emerson EM266 a while back at Big Lots for 15 dollars.
    It supports the AD2P bluetooth profile. It has micro usb charger and another
    earpiece to plug in to the micro usb port for the other ear for stereo.
    The sound isn't that great, but it works fine for me.
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    I don't have one yet, but have my eye on the Motorola H17txt.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    I bought the Samsung Modus 3500 today and it works great with my VZ pre, not sure if this helps you or not. I love having it just for one ear, it will make it much easier at work. I've been using it this evening and was impressed, I left my phone on the coffee table and walked at least 25ft away and was still getting perfect sound.
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    I am hunting for a new BT headset myself.

    I am using a Jabra BT8040 which runs the A2DP stack/protocol.

    But the 'limitation' with the 8040 doesn't allow pausing/FF'ing of audio.

    So, I'm looking at the Jabra BT8010 will work also (it can be used as a single or dual earpiece).

    Both of these work very well for listening.

    I think both can be had for under $50 if you shop around online.

    It appears Jabra is not making these anymore.
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    Jawbone Icon is definately the best choice. Best sound quality incoming and out going. $99.99 at your local Best Buy, but if you can wait i'm sure you can find it for less online.
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    jawbone works for me!
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    Had the Blueant T1 for a couple of days and like it so far. It's $20 less than the Icon or H17txt.

    Plan to write a more comprehensive review later.
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    I have the Jabra BT 8040 and I love it. It works flawlessly and the sound quality is excellent both for podcasts and for calls.

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