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    Palm IIIc -> Sony CLIÉ T650C -> Sony TJ-37 -> Palm TX -> Palm Centro -> Palm Pre Bell -> Palm Pre Plus Bell/Verizon Hybrid -> HP Veer -> HP Pre 3 NA -> BlackBerry Classic -> BlackBerry Priv

    It's a Late Goodbye, such a Late Goodbye.

    Need OEM Palm Pre parts? See here
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    just buy some spare centro batteries, and keep them in your wallet like i do..

    2 for 12, or 5 for 25.. you can also get battery chargers (not phone chargers, battery chargers) for less than 6 dollars. Free shipping to..
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    If I were going to buy an extended battery that required a bigger battery cover, it would be the 3800mAh one.

    But I do agree that one you linked to is quite ugly... Why not make it smooth all around?
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    I had bought this set and I really didn't mind the shape, what bothered me more was the fact that it limited on charges. I only charged mine for about 7 times before the battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than 1 hour. :-(

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