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    I used to have a case (cover?) from Verizon to protect my Palm Pre Plus, but my son dropped the phone. The phone was fine, but the case broke and became unusable. I needed something that night, so I bought the Palm case that hooks on your belt, and I really like it. It works great AS LONG AS I PUT THE PHONE IN THERE LOL.

    This morning I was in a hurry and just carried my phone outside in my hand. Sure enough, I dropped it on the driveway and put a few gouges in the upper left corner - nothing serious, but enough to bother me. I can't get a shell for my Pre and still use the belt case because the case has just enough room for the phone itself. But I really don't want to give up that case. I'm wondering if invisibleShield would solve my dilemma. So here are my questions:

    1. Will invisibleShield protect my phone from scratches and gouges caused by dropping the Pre on concrete? I know other damage could occur, but I'm just asking specifically about the scratches and gouges.

    2. Can I still use the Touchstone with invisibleShield?

    3. I would think that I should still be able to get my phone into the case with invisibleShield - am I right?

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    1. Yes, I used to have an Invisishield and it protected the screen quite well.

    2. I'm almost positive that you can. Maybe someone here will chime in to confirm this.

    3. Well... Is it the Palm leather case that attaches to your belt? I have that case too. When I had my Invisishield on, it was hard to get my Pre out of the case. It doesn't allow you to easily just slide the Pre out; it takes a bit of effort. When I did manage to get it out, the Invisishield has impressions on it from the case. They went away with time, but wuld come back each time I put my Pre in the case.
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    Yes, you could kick your phone across the parking lot like a hockey puck. Head over to and watch their videos where they torture devices wearing their skins. That's what I use!

    Also, keep in mind that the zagg products wrap around the corners. Great for protecting the phone, but most holsters. You can also look at Skinomi of you want the same type of protection without it covering the corners...
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    It works great. You can get the front only and it will cover everything except the touchstone back which isn't prone to scratches anyway and can be replaced cheaply. Ive had mine on there since I got it and it looks like new.
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    1. Yes! When I first started using iIvisishield's a few years ago I would walk around and show folks how amazing it was by scratching it with my car key. It's good stuff.

    2. Yup. It works flawlessly, but make sure to follow the instructions and let it cure for 24 hours before putting it on the touchstone. I put it on a few hours after and the heat caused bubbles that were eventually worked out.

    3. I bought the Palm flip case later and don't use it because of the "sticky" feel of Invisishield. It's good for the phone not slipping out of your hand, but without a very soft and well spaced case (I have the one Verizon sells) it will be difficult. I don't use my case because I would need two hands to remove the phone while driving...

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