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    The best way to install the zagg shield is to take a bowl of water, add a few drops of dish washing soap, stir to mix but don't create any suds, remove the backing film off of shield, dip the shield into the bowl of water, drain of the access water, apply the shield onto the screen, take a credit card and lightly work out any bubbles and then let dry for 24 hours.
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    I bought two Skinomi's my my Pre and my wifes and messed up both of them out of concern that the liquid solution would enter through the speaker and and the mic holes. Decided to go with the Smartphone expert screen protector from the precentral accessory store. No liquids involved. If you mess up, lift it off the screen with scotch tape and do it over. It may not look as good but it does the job.
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    I like BodyGuardz -they give 20% on future purchases PLUS a free lifetime replacement (only pay like $5 shipping!)...for as many replacements as you need!!!!

    Now, just like the InvisibleShield, however, it's about the first day of applying and making sure you keep ALL the corners & gaps pressured down so they don't allow lint to get in! Keep the edges of the protectors away from the exact edges of the phone so they won't rub against anything & pry it apart from the phone.
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    Radio shack is clearancing TOuch screen protectors for the Palm Pre for 5 bucks! Coupled with a skinit and the AFG GRT case the PAlm Pre is well protected and the GRT case functions well!
    The rep at Radio shack applied the Touchscreen film and did so without water, there was no lint or bubbles either when he got done!

    The idea of moisture in close proximity of my PRE doesn't sit well with me. I much prefer the dry applications - which is why a skinit was my choice. Besides the ability to customize it.
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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