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    Hi everyone

    Now I know there's a lot of animosity at times regarding iPhone v.s. Pre, but I think there is a nice opportunity for HP to market Touchstone as an iPhone enhancement....

    If you've seen some of those cases for the iPhone that include a battery, USB port, etc. I think one of those fitted for Touchstone use would be oh-so-cool... (imagine a Palm accessory becoming all the rage for Apple-heads... YES!!!)

    Now for a name...


    And with the $M's I'd make from the Patents, copyrights, ...

    Anyways, just a thought...

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    Several have already hit the market. Have you seen them?
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    The Mat-thingy has been around a while. Best buy just started advertizing them on TV. Last time I checked they were horribly expensive, and not as elegent a design as the TS.

    The case-with-battery idea for the iPhone I think is quite a good one, so why not add TS to it? "Strategic Diversification" (if I remember correclty) is good when built on existing strengths, and I think the TS is an understated strength. For the TS users out there, can you imagine having to muck about with USB cables again? Brrrrr, makes me shiver!


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    Yea they r called PowerMats and they r lame.... Touchstone is better

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