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    Possibly. If you only have one thing plugged in at a time, it should have a higher chance of working.

    If using the Touchstone in your car, you really need all of the power your 12v outlet puts out.
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    As long as it puts out at least 1000mA/1A, it should work. You may have to use an OEM Palm Charging cable though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyruz Reaper View Post
    as title states:

    [url= Powerjolt Dual Universal 2 USB Blk Car Charger: Electronics[/url]
    If it's 500ma per port, no. You need 1000ma minimum to charge off of the touchstone. Even at 1000ma I have trouble charging with the TS when my car is off, works fine when the car is running.
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    Yes, 1000mA per port.
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    yes it works to charge directly but not while hooked up to the touchstone it will not work

    it would not work for me anyways
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrHeathenScum View Post
    Yes, 1000mA per port.
    total or per port?
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    Per port. The touchstone requires the full 1000mA to operate. I found the product manual on Griffins website and it only supplies 500mA per socket (see link). You CANNOT use this with Touchstone. It doesn't supply enough power to a single USB socket.
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    BTW, RS is also selling the car charger for $9.97 and available at all of the RS stores withing 10 miles of my home. I can attest to the fact that the TS works well with the car charger, but didn't work with another cigar lighter to USB adapter I tested.

    One problem with the car charger is that it easily falls out of the larger European cigar lighter receptacle. I have to jam a piece of paper in to keep it from falling out.

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