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    Someone recently posted about a charger that they use instead of the usual car charger but I have not been able to find it again. It was white and it charges in wall AC plug and then can be carried along instead of backup battery. They posted the link and it was $19.95. Anyone know what I am talking about?
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    I didn't see it, but I would be interested in looking at it if someone else remembers this.
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    On the comparison graphic there are names of several portable battery recharge systems.

    I recall the thread, but not a key word from it. I may be back if I can find it.
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    Well, the one I posted what white. Here is something very kewl, but it isn't white... It's a holster with a battery built in to charge your phone...
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    This isn't the recent one, Dang it. Can't post a clickable link for this one.

    Search for Backup battery tip. Last post date about 5/24.

    One last attempt Nope, forum is adding a second copy of the url and it won't work that way. Edit the link by deleting from the left to the second http.
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    I think this is the one your are looking for Backup battery tip
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    Thanks Knucklehead...this was exactly the thread I was looking for. Don't know why it did no show up on any of the searches I did but thanks for taking the time to find it! Not sure which of the 2 mentioned would be best for my needs but they both loo awesome.
    Thanks again!

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