I currently own a jabra BT350 which gets 6 hours of talk time. I use it with both my PC (voice chat apps) and pre (phone calls). I also own a jabra BT620s which gets 16 hours of talk time or 14 hours of music. I am fairly happy with the BT620s and really the only reason I would replace it would be for something that looks more appealing and gets the same battery life and has even better sound quality. I took a gamble on the BT620s and was surprised at the sound quality.

Anyways for now I'm looking to get another headset to use along with the BT350 because I find I use the battery up using it on the PC and having to switch to the BT620s to continue conversation or gaming session. I have never considered spending more than about $40 on a headset or really any accessory. But these got me to thinking about it. Here are the two I looked at so far:

Jabra STONE - Bluetooth® Wireless Headset for Mobile Phones

I really like the stone thing that can charge it on the go. I'm not sure I understand the battery life specs. I need confirmation on the battery specs. They changed their site it used to give a lot of detail that was simple to understand.

Jabra JX20 - Exclusive Bluetooth headset where Power Meets Elegance

Neat charging stand, not 100% sure if I will like the feel of it on my ear would be nice if I could try it on.

Both have the same features as far as I can tell:

A2DP mono
Intelligent volume
Noise reduction
Acoustic shock protection
Pair with 8 devices and auto switch between (I would only have 2 or 3 at most)

Any thoughts? Are there other brands that have same features, look elegant, and perhaps have even better battery and better price? Obviously I will search around for best price possible whatever brand and model I go with.