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    I would just like a bluetooth that does exactly that, lets me listen to music, stereo or mono, and lets me place calls too. any ideas?
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    I have been using the Platronic's Backbeat 903s, great sounding stereo BT headset and works great for making/receiving phone calls.
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    You don't mean at the same time do you?

    Otherwise all of the Bluetooth headsets I've had work just fine with my Pre. Though I don't really use them to talk very often as I don't like looking like a crazy person.
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    I have a jabra BT620s (stereo A2DP + phone + pair both [can be two devices one for each]) and a jabra BT350 for in the car(out on the town) handsfree. I have never had an opportunity to test what happens when a call comes in and I'm listening to music. I'm not sure if any BT supports both A2DP and call going at same time. I know a number of them support both connections at same time and some even support pairing multiple devices at same time and a couple I have looked at will auto switch between devices. I was just about to post a thread because I'm in the market for getting up to two new headsets to use with my current headsets. I use BT with gaming on my PC, listening to music at home and on the go and also for my pre.
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