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    so i walk into a radioshack.... i know they had the touchstone on clearance and since i worked there before i knew as time goes by it gets cheaper and cheaper. so i got the touchstone bundle for 15.97 and a palm case for 11.97. radioshack has refreshes every few months and i know they pull products to the back so the rep got me the stuff from the back. so people if you walk into a store make sure they check the back.

    sku for he tonestone is 1704895
    sku for the case is 1704894
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    I live in canada, so it's still 80 dollars here. 25 i'd buy one for when I get a car.
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    nice! my brother bought me the touchstone (just the dock) for $20 there a few weeks ago, and I just called radioshack and they said that the bundle is indeed $15. we're just gonna buy that and return the other one lol
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    I picked up a couple extra touchstones this weekend from the Shack. Great deal, but they don't come with the USB cable. Unfortunately, you need the Palm-specific cable to connect these. Now I have to go out and find the the wall charger on sale to get the cable!
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    aw, the guy lied to me. the ones my shack had in stock only were docks. no backplates. i have this touchstone sitting here and i can't use it! it's killing me!
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    I just picked up 2 of them at RS an hours ago for $15.97 each. They both had back plates in the box.
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    lucky <<ducks>> (for censoring reasons). for some reason 16 sounds alot better than 20, but i'd be thrilled with the 20.. Imagine the price being 80... The cheapest i've found has been 40, but that's for a used one.
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    Just got one at Radio Shack in New Orleans for $15.97. Thanks for alerting us to this deal!
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    They are sold out now, according to RS website.
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    Hit a few stores. I just saw some today w/o the back... You might get lucky
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    I just picked up a Touchstone for $15.97 here in Ontario California- I have yet to come accross one with the back included....
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    just picked up the dock at RS for 15 bucks. Inly had pixie backs so ordered on line. Still saved some cash.. Thanks for the heads up!
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    First post for this guy-
    I got my Pre yesterday and I love the little bugger. I went to 4 Radioshacks today for the touchstones. I bought the last one in the third store and the second to last in the fourth. Snap em up while you can. Great deal.
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    I hit three different Min-Tenn Radio Shack stores. Most only had one Touchstone and it was not the Back kit. The last store had two or three TS, but no backs. I asked the clerk and she said they did have them at one time, but were all clearanced out.

    All tried to sell me the $3.00 extended warranty. Which I passed on. How are they going to honnor this on an item they are getting rid of on clearance?


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