a few years back, i used these threads (or similar) to analyze and overanalyze whether or not to get the seidio extended battery for my treo 700p. Many folks didn't like the aesthetics of the bump on the back but for a user focused on functionality, the ultra extended battery was one of the best purchases i've ever made for anything: it felt great and made the D-pad even easier to use. phone could sit in my palm, vertical, and the cool, smooth, rubber ridge of the seidio cover created a perfect soft edge that held the phone in my hand, securely, while thumb did its magic with d-pad and keys. I did same with the 755p...but needed a new cover.

simply put..the ultra extended battery was amazingly functional and convenient, and made the phone easier to hold either horizontal or vertical.
Further, the humpcover on the back didn't follow the "Curves" of the 700p or 755p, which was GREAT because it still allowed full exposure of the back speaker...AND...when on a table face-up, for a conferenec call, the back speaker had about 1/4 inch clearance...and could be easily heard.

simply put: a great battery that focused on user functionality...

Now...mugen: I again read and re-read the pros and cons here. It's great battery it reallly is...BUT BUT..

why did they focus on trying to keep the curves for the sleek look (for the fashion conscious)...rather than do the sort of hump that seidio had especially for power users ?

With the mugen 3800 cover in, the back speaker is completely covered and muffles the sound. louder volume doesn't help it...makes it worse. Also...the camera flash...well, that's been discussed here already. Dumb. Mugen focused on the pretty curves, and compromised the usability of the device.

Also...while the battery is great, and helps immensely with keyboard use, the back is so smoothand glossy that there is just simply no way to confidently rest the phone vertically in hand, and slide the screen up to ge tto KB. I can sense the phone wanting to slip from fingers. contrary to how the 755p (with the humpback of the ultra battery) the pre+ rests passively balanced in the hand, rather than being able to sit in hand, with thumb on KB and fingers around the back actually gripping on something...anything...whether a rubberized back..or, ta-da..the smooth edge of the humpback that the seidio battery door provided on the treos.

Suggestion to Mugen folks: consider a modification of the back door

1- consider the seidio hump-back design. benefit: stability when holding vertical in hand, with fingers in back and thumb in front either on screen or KB. Also..easier to actually hold the phone in hand no matterr what you're doing. as is now, the smooth sleek design simply slips from fingers to easily.

2- humpback design would also allow for back speaker to be easy to hear and unmuffled, especially when sitting face-up on a table. On the humpback treo, the sound actually travelled a bit better on a conference call, as the speaker was acually eleveated 1/2 inch from table due to the humpback.

3- humpback cover would also solve 100% the camera flash issue. Currently, the 3800 cover sucks as the flash bounces back into lower part of the image and essentially ruins any flash pics

4- with humpback grip in back, user would not have to put so much thumb pressure on the screen to slide it open during one hand operation. In lieu of the ridge in back, user has to squeeze phone (and screen) extra hard in order to keep from pushing whole phone out of hand when trying to slide the screen up (and KB down) during one handed operation.

5- humpback grip, again, wold give phone more secure feeling in back even when doing thumbswipes with one-handed operation. As it is now, the phone feels like it's "resting" in my hand rather than being held in hand.

6- Touchstone back on this batter would be great. Even if Mugen can't put the hardware in there...just hollow out the battery area a tiny bit...and we can move the hardward pieces as a DIY project..or we can mail it to a forum member that can do it easy enough...just from taking the pieces from our orginal doors.

On the plus side, aside from great battery life, the phone itself when not being used feels very comfortable in hand, a perfect fit in a palm (no pun intended). the battery ...with the curved back..gives the phone some heft in hand...BUT..that same heft could be achieved if Mugen also cut off the totally unncessary hollow plastic up near the speaker and the camera lens/flash.....and it wold provide for an amazng "treo-with-humpback-feel" in the hand: secure, not like trialing to hold on an ostrich egg in one hand...by letting ir just rest vertically in palm rather than feeling like im holding it.

My apologies for the long post. I love the phone...love the functionality of the extended battery. BUT BUT BUT...there's just no edges anywhere (unless KB open) to hold the phone securely and it really does feel like i'm trying to hold an ostrich egg.

Sure yeah it LOOKS so pretty with all the curves and sleekness...but i dont have the phone for a fashion statement. Business people DO actually use the speaker in back...and pics on the fly when needed too.

Mugen: if you're watching...take note of that Seidio humpback door.

If anyone wants to add their 2 cents...it would be cool if you could provide what kind of user you are and/or age. Is the phone an accessory and a sort of toy in a way for games and to show off at school or wherever...or is it for light business use or power use etc etc ?

Thanks for tolerating the long post. I love the phone...but i get so frustrated trying to hold the thing securely due to all the smoothness..whether its th eregular door or the mugen extended door. I want to use the thing..not hang it on the wall for an art show.