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    I came across these two items. I'm wondering if anyone has used one or the other or anything similar:

    Mount's on steering wheel:
    DealExtreme: $57.85 Steering Wheel Mount A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth Caller ID Handsfree + MP3 Player FM Transmitter

    Mounts on visor:

    DealExtreme: $50.05 Visor Mount Bluetooth Carkit
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    I do this with my Garmin 765T
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    :bump: Has anyone tried a portable solution similar to the two I posted or have any recommendations? My car doesn't have an audio jack or bluetooth pre-equipped, and I wanted something I could move from one car to the other. I was looking into having at least an audio jack installed so I could connect the phone and my mp3 player, but I don't have the funds at present.
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    I haven't had any experience with those 2 but I for the price range I would recommend you look at the Blueant S1 visor mount. The only feature that it does not have is the built in fm transmitter but makes up for it in call clarity and noise isolation. It has a 600-700hr standby time and about 16hr talk time. I talk about 2hrs a day and left it on standby and I haven't charged it since Thursday of last week.

    I guess you can say that I'm a blueant ****** but when I buy stuff that works as advertised I stick with the brand. I came from a Z9i, Q1, supertooth light visor mount and the S1. I've tested them on a Razr, some janky Samsung Cricket phone, a Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack II, an iPhone 3GS and a Blackberry curve 8310 and it paired with everyone of those phones without any issues.

    I personally haven't tried pairing it with a Palm product yet but there's a website called that tested the S1 with a Pre in a convertible with the top down at 60mph. If it can withstand 60mph with the top down then it should have any problems in my Lexus.

    My Pre+ should be delivered to my door in about 8hrs(UPS guy delivers in my neighborhood nice and early in the morning) and I'll let you know how it fares with the Pre. Hope that helps.
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    RumpRoast, thanks for the info! I found the device on amazon I haven't made my final decision, but being able to use this even with wind noise is a huge selling point!
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    Not familiar with those, but I have a Motorola Rokr t505 and would highly recommend it. I use it every day and have only good things to say about it. I think I found it online somewhere (sorry, can't remember where) for about $60
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    The first one is a great price, but it doesn't look portable to me. I can't work out for your second one if it works through the FM and with MP3 players as well, with the proper A2DP controls.

    Like the other guy, I have the Motorokr T505 too. Got it on ebay for $40. It's very nifty. I too use it every day and it doesn't need much charging at all, I've had it for almost two months now and have only charged it like three times. It works with phone calls too of course, and if you play your music through your FM radio, it will control the music through the device. It has two buttons on the side that act as previous/next switches, with a pause and phonecall button on the front. Will automatically stop music when call comes in and resume afterward. When a call comes in there is a British lady who announces the voice has no display like the steering wheel mount and does not announce names. It speaks the whole number. To counter this, I just stuck a Touchstone from Radioshack within my line of sight and can see who is calling that way.

    There are newer models of the Motorokr that have a display and will show/say the name of the person and keeps an on device phonebook. I think one that even allows you to make voice command calls! The t305 or something similar. Those are a little more expensive and harder to find on sale, of course, although I heard Best Buy had one for around $70 or so.
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    +1 for the T505. I've had mine for several months (6 I think) and it works great. The FM transmitter is very good. But occasionally I plug a cassette adapter into the Pre for slightly better music quality. When I do that (and not using the FM transmitter) the T505 works great as a standalone speaker phone on my visor.

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