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    Just got a coworker's new AT&T Pre to set up, and want to show off the Touchstone. It constantly flickers the Charging Battery notification and dings. The only way I can get it to work is with two post-it's and a napkin as spacers between the stone and Pre, and even then it only works for 5 minutes or so. It seems to get real hot, too.

    I swap my Sprint Pre TS back with hers and it fares a little better, but still freaks out after a bit. My Sprint Pre seems to work for a while with her TS back.

    I've raised the TS connector pins near her battery to no avail.

    I'm using a Seido micro USB AC travel charger to power the Touchstone, but it has worked fine for my Sprint Pre for several months.

    Anyone else having troubles with AT&T Pre's and Touchstone chargers? Any suggestions?

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    The easiest way to make sure it is on correctly is to put the phone on the TS just a little higher that you think it should be, and gravity will cause it to slide into the perfect spot.

    It's also possible that the TS is defective. There was an issue like that a ling time ago...

    Here are two threads as examples. There are probably others:
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    Here's a forum link (without the link) that might be helpful...
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    Thank you both for your replies. I suppose it is possible that the Seido AC adapter puts out just enough juice to charge my Sprint Pre on the TS but not her AT&T Pre on the same TS, but that seems somewhat unlikely. I'm fairly certain the Touchstone itself is fine since it has served me well for several months, along with two others.

    I was mainly looking to see if other AT&T Pre users were having troubles. My Sprint Pre , TS and Seido travel AC adapter are working fine together, but I wanted to show my coworker her Pre in the best light possible, with a working Touchstone connection.
    Palm history: II, IIIc, Kyocera 7135, Treo 650, Centro, Pre, FrankenPre+, (legit) Pre+ & TouchPad.

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