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    Just got my Touchstone off ebay yesterday and it works fine when I place my Pre on it... Issue starts when I remove the phone off the TS

    1. Battery indicator still has the lightning bolt next to it
    2. Screen doesn't turn off after interval (stays in clock mode)
    3. all calls revert to speaker mode
    4. placing the phone on the TS again doesn't initiate new charge

    Which leads me to my overall conclusion that despite removing the Pre from the TS, it STILL THINKS ITS CONNECTED!

    Really annoying! Any ideas?
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    Hmm, could be a faulty Touchstone back cover or a hardware problem within the phone, maybe with the charging circuit. Have you attempted the tried and true method of restarting the phone?
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    yes, restarted multiple times and always the same thing. once restarted, it knows No Touchstone connected, but once i place it on the dock and remove the pre, it thinks Touchstone still connected.
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    Well, if I had to guess, I would say it's probably a hardware issue with the phone. It could be the back cover, the battery, or something in the circuity of the phone itself.

    One last thing you could try before going the replacement route is to doctor the phone.

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