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    Hey - i am on my 2nd palm pre since I took the 1st one to the repair center with my new Motorola S9 bluetooth stereo headset and couldnt get it to stay paired. The connection came and went.
    SOOO..they send me another Pre. Same issue. So I figure the headset is not compatible (after looking on there website too, and calling them) so I return it.
    I buy a Plantronics Backbeat. And it does the exact same damn thing. ***?
    Now I am thinking maybe its some application I downloaded and installed, but I am afraid to go back to the clueless SPrint store.
    Any ideas??
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    Been using the BB 903's since Dec. and they work great with my Pre, bought a set of 903's for my daughter's Pre and they pair fine with her phone.

    Update: Just want to add that I am running Preware with Patches and Hombrew apps.
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    I am having the same issue. My headset worked fine until a couple months ago. I am pretty sure it coincided with an update, but haven't had time to look into it until now.
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    Sprint or VZ? I use several bluetooth devices with my VZ Pre+ and they are fine.

    Every now and then the disconnect, but if I just press the headset button, they reconnect automatically. It seems that the connection goes to sleep, but pushing the button on your headset might reconnect them...
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    I am on Sprint. I cannot get a clear connection at all and disconnects if I am 2 feet from phone. I tried the headset on my sons phone and it works just fine.

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