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    So i got my Batt in, and it came with 44% remaining on it. Now i read that they recommend that you give the batt 5 full charges before it will be at its optimal performance.

    So does that mean that i should let it drop to 0% before getting it back to 100% (i do this 5 times?)

    Or do i just charge it at the end of the night no matter whats remaining? In order for me to get this animal down to 0% i have to go 2-3 days without charging..

    Thank you in advance
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    The type of battery that you have is designed to reach its potential if you discharge it down close to 0% but NEVER and I mean NEVER go down to 0%. Going down to 0% can do more harm then go to the cells in the battery. Try 5-10%. Then do a FULL recharge. Do that 5 times or so and you will see each time that the life of the battery will get better.
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