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    So, since 1.4.2 battery life has dropped like a stone, especially using power hungry apps like Radio Time. So I pooped for the big battery.

    I love the thicker pofile (I have large hands) it actually makes it easier to hold the phone and type.

    BUT, it is now too big for the Palm leather belt case I use (tastefully modded to cut out a portion of the right side so I can use it with headphones plugged in).

    Are any of the other belt clips big enough to hold the thicker phone?
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    None that are specific. There are a few generic cases that are large enough to fit or small camera cases but thats about it for right now!
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    my old Treo case works pretty well, as does my oldest blackberry case...
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    And like Cant said, the older Blackberry case (which I forget the # of)?? BTW Cant, is the Treo case the slide in or the holster version?
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    I've got the case from Seidio for the extended batttery but I don't know if they still sell them...
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    my old treo cases were the landscape holsters from Tumi and Body Glove.

    they look similar to this:
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    Cases mfg from "NiteIze" they have a variety of different sizes and work quite well, check Ace hdw stores

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