So I have had this product for a month now, and felt that i should review it, as if your like me and use your pre as your mp3 player..its a must have, not without its gripes and slight issues, it vastly improves the sound quality of the pre.

(these are pictures from google)

So what does this ipod shuffle like thing do. Well I'm no expert but i can say it improves overall sound quality from the pre's music player, increases the bass a lot, and increases the volume far past what the pre is capable of without distorting the sound.

The design is very much the last gen ipod shuffle, pretty much the same in size and has the nice clip on the back. In the box you get the device, manuals, and two male to male 3.5mm cables, one short and one longer cable and one mini usb cable for charging.

Using the Fiio is very easy to, simply plug one of the 3.5mm cables into it into your pre (or pixi) and your headphones into the other end. Press the on button once and the blue light shows that it is turned on. the volume controls make it very easy to change the volume without taking your phone out of your pocket. Next to the volume controls is a bass booster switch.

The battery lasts around 20 hours off a full charge and takes about an hour to charge.

So far sounds pretty good...well this thing isn't perfect. You may notice with headphones that there is slight hissing, well with the fiio in its a lot more noticeable, which isnt that bad when music is playing as you cant notice it, but when music is paused, you can hear it a lot. Also and this depends on your headphones (happened with my v-moda vibes but not my zagg smartbuds) you can hear that noise that you get when a phone is near some speaker know what i mean right?

However, these few shortcomings are very small and do not take away from this great product. Oh and the best part...cost me 12....i think its $15 in America. For a tiny price you get something that totally changes how music from your pre sounds, crisper with deeper bass without distorting.

It also serves very well with my computer speakers which i didn't expect as they are very powerful, but although its less noticeable, the bass is deeper and again the sound is louder.

I defiantly recommend music lovers who use their palm phones for mp3 players to get this. I have not tried this with ipods so have no idea how much it effects them. Many reviews i read about the fiio said it compares too $100 grab a bargain. (really big picture so click the link)