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    For people who are curious, here is my set up:

    Phantom skinz -- Matte (has matte and glossy screen [3 pieces] I didn't use the back piece

    Zagg Leatherskins -- One piece that goes on the back

    I'll admit, this is not the best set-up for protecting your pre, but it is the most sleekest

    I do have the palm leather holster which I actually don't mind wearing. How geeky that may sound haha. But hey, it does the job. (I mostly wear it at work, but am courageous enough to sport it with my normal clothes wuhAHA )

    btw.. works with touchstone!!! WHOO!!

    and I do apologize. Camera pics from old celly do not do the leatherskin justice. It's a deep brown tone that actually doesn't look like the color on the zagg website either.. it's better than I expected -- Although, the only thing I wish for are better designs imprinted into the leather -- floral is not what I had always wanted, but the leather makes up for it
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    Oooooooo I really like the matte skin on the front. I've got a Pre Minus though, and I'm not sure if the look would be that good on it... it looks really, REALLY sleek on your Plus though
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    can you send the link to the phantom skin you have? I love that matte/glossy combination. But I don't see that description on

    Also, in terms of the touchstone - do you notice it holding as well, or does it seem to slide off easier (like in a car).

    Finally, can we assume you have matching boots? Perhaps a picture of your boots and belt would be in order?
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    How well does the Leatherskin hold up from the heat of the Touchstone?

    Does the Pre2 back work the same that Pre back? Are those back interchangeable? Wondering about that for the future whenever Verizon gets around to releasing the Pre2.

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