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    I just got a bluetooth headset which I am going to write a small review on since I don't see another post, but I am wanting to know if keeping bluetooth on all day, though not connected to it all day, have a big affect on the battery? Thanks
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    I have Bluetooth on all day, I only have the Bluetooth headset on about 15 min a day, never really noticed a difference in battery drain. Its such a pain to remember to turn it off and on.
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    I use bluetooth,,i turn it on,,im done,,i turn it off. I find it drains battery faster if left on. Can't see tapping the screen to shut it off a pain,,considering the amount of times I tap the screen every day,,lol
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    those are two very valid reasonings. Lol I guess I just have to decide if I want to tap the screen twice to turn it on. Lol

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