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    I recently bought a solar charger, it works great but I was just wondering can I use it to charge my pre plus? On the charger its says input is 5v output is 5.5v. My plan is just to leave it in my car for times when I need juice in between charges. Dont want to fry my pre.
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    I have a solio solar charger. It came with a number of iGo tip adapters (one looks like it should be for the pre, but isn't speced for it) including a usb adapter.

    When I plug mine in with the connector that looks correct, the pre shows it is charging, does indeed charge, and gives no error messages. Any time I have accidentally plugged a phone into the wrong charger, I get an error message. I assume the pre would do this too. It doesn't give an error when plugged to the Solio.

    If you are feeling cautious, you can plug your regular pre usb charger cord into the pre and into the usb adopter that comes with the solar charger. You can also charge the solio just via regular line current and use it as a battery charger. Works fine.

    If you are in the car and want an emergency charger, frankly, I'd buy an iGo phone charger, stick it into your cigarette lighter and use the appropriate tip. I noticed that the tip I bought that was speced for the pre is different than the one that comes with the Solio. You can look them up on the iGo website.

    FINALLY, I just bought one of those kinetic power sticks that generates power from walking. It also uses the iGo tips. I am looking forward to trying it on the pre. God forbid I be out backpacking without a phone, GPS, and data connection.
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    Thats what I did I simply used the the pre charger cord I already had. I plugged it in for about 15 min everything looked good, didnt get hot or anything.
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    I have done this repeatedly with no problem. If I plug in a different tip that fits but isn't specced, I get an error message. I assume, then, that it is not going to damage the unit doing it as specced.
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    solio works great for me. the magnesium model is great. brunton solar port 4.4 also works well (in strong sunlight) but doesn't have an internal battery so it just charges the pre when there is sunlight.
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    The Solio Mag looks very cool. It even has enough amp output to power the Touchstone.
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    I have been using solio solar charger for 6 months now,with the adapter that comes with it and it works beautifully.

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