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    Hey guys, I bought a case for the Pre and when I clipped it on I noticed how much it pulls the two halves apart when the phone is in the closed position, so I took it off.

    Is this normal?

    Also, I didnt have the oreo effect before I put the case I have it! Not good.

    It wasn't a top of the range one, just one in the sale on amazon.

    I want to use the case but not if its yanking the phone apart. lol
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    Otterbox for the palm pre ftw. Just over 20 bucks on amazon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by honda07si View Post
    Otterbox for the palm pre ftw. Just over 20 bucks on amazon.
    Thanks, will check it out.

    Do all cases pull the two halves apart slightly?
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    my old plastic pos case did but I don't really notice it with the otterbox
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    verizon case with touch stone cut out is awsome
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    i don't like cases that attach to the phone for the very reason stated by the OP. I know there are is at least one case that doesn't work that way...

    I just wrapped my Pre+ in a ZAGG instead, but if I was going to get a case, that's the one I'd buy...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    verizon case with touch stone cut out is awsome
    Ditto this comment. I have a Sprint Pre but just bought a Verizon-branded Pre case at a Verizon store - it is hands-down one of the best and most protective cases for the Pre period.

    Case has a nifty round cut-out on the back which makes it 100% compatible with Touchstone chargers.

    It reduces or completely stops or eliminates the Oreo effect

    Sprint stores sell the same case but without the round touchstone cutout so if you don't have a TS charger they're equally protective.

    Or you can get the case directly from the manufacturer - called AGF - the case itself is called a GRT model - google AGF GRT Palm Cases and you can get their website and order direct from them if you're not near a Verizon store.

    It's a GREAT case.

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    I agree I bought the AGF GRT case... it's AMAZING! I got an email saying they were going to have it in more colors... i really want to buy another color... but it seems to be out of stock! I filled out the form on their page to be notified when they get it back in stock... so i'll keep you guys posted. I filled it out last time and they sent an email (so they appear to be pretty good about the notification... when they SAY they will notify you), but by the time i got to the site to order it - the cases were sold out again... :/
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    What I'd like to find is a travel case, one that'd have slots or elastic wossnames to hold the touchstone, the wall-wart, the data cable, and maybe a spare battery. Searched, did not find.
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    Does anyone know which case would be better, the AGF GRT case or the Otterbox case?

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