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    I just received a new 1400mAh Amzer extended battery. I put it in my pre then plugged the pre into the charger (not TS) but it is just showing me the empty battery with a big question mark in it. I'm guessing it is not recognosing the battery.

    Does anyone know what is wrong or has any experience with this issue?
    Any help is appreciated
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    leave it on charge, until the battery reaches the minium start-up voltage. This is a normal function of the phone with a depleted battery.
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    Its not the regular one with a curly usb cord and red at the bottom, it is the plain white one with a ?. If you take your battery out and put the cord it then this will come up.
    Will it still just charge the battery?
    If I do leave it on charge what is about a normal length of time to expect before i see life?
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    Should take about 5-10mins but even new batteries have some life in them. It shouldn't be completely empty to the point where it shows the white "?"
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    Well it has sat there for more than an hour on charge with nothing, so I think it might be a dead battery or my pre won't take to it.
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    Try turning the battery over to reverse the polarity. If this does not fix the problem I would return the battery.
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    Also make sure the battery is making good contact. Put a piece of paper on the top (like a business card), to put down pressure on the contacts.
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    Tried it all guys but I think its officially dead. Its going back in the morning and my replacement should be here so hopfully.

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